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Quick Independence Day dishes - VIDEOS

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So you had big plans for an elaborate three-layer cake complete with flickering sparklers, but you realize that you should’ve starting baking yesterday. DANG IT.

No, no. It’s going to be fine. You still have options. Delicious, super simple options. As long as you have, say, an hour or two and access to a convenience or grocery store, we can help. These YouTube videos and recipes give step-by-step instructions for easy dishes sure to please any red-blooded American.

Spiral hot dogs. Even if you’re not provided the dogs for the party, contribute this tip. Impress the grill master, and get the lovers of overly charred dogs all hot and bothered.

What you’ll need: Hot dogs, skewer, buns, grill

Jell-o easy patriotic pie. The original recipe comes courtesy of Kraft, but the video was produced by WatchMojo. While this is a no-bake pie, take into consideration time needed to boil water and for the Jell-o to set.

What you’ll need: blue and red Jell-o, boiling water, ice cubes, ready-made pie crust, whipped topping

Champagne melon salad. There are few things I like better than melons and champagne. This Harris Teeter how-to video just changed my life. Happy Independence Day to ME.

What you’ll need: MELONS—watermelon, cantaloupe, fresh basil, fresh mint, lime, sparkling wine, agave nectar (or honey or sugar), sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh-cracked peppercorn. Scooper is optional (dicing is fine if you don’t mind sharper shapes). Scissors suggested.

Marshmallow popcorn balls. This one is ridiculously easy, albeit messy.
What you’ll need: microwave popcorn, mini marshmallows, butter or margarine, red and/or blue unsweeted Kool-Aid. Get full preparation instructions ManTestedRecipes.com.

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