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Social Media Club Buffalo knows the way to your heart—or at the very least, your stomach.

The fourth annual Taco Vino, which will benefit the city’s lone organization dedicated to furthering social media, will be held at 6 p.m. Monday at Salumeria Belsito, 1368 Hertel Ave., Buffalo.

Tickets are $5 plus a $1.09 processing fee when purchased in advance here, then the cost jumps to $8 at the door.

In other words, acting quickly will leave your wallet or purse a little heavier for the top-notch food by which you’ll be surrounded.

Speaking of the food, Belsito—named after the quaint Italian town from which owner Michael Petrillo’s paternal grandmother was raised—received a positive “First Bite” review from Buffalo Eats, and the write-up includes photos of the cured meats and local and imported cheeses that the Italian salumeria offers.

Hello Hertel also did a piece on Belsito’s opening. You can see a very descriptive menu here as well.

If charcuterie isn’t your cup of tea—err, preference—one of the three Lloyd Taco Trucks will be stationed outside Belsito vending tacos, girth-y burritos and Tricked Out Nachos and to-be-determined specials for that day. If you’re extra polite to Teddy, he may smile at you.

Also, donations of canned goods can be made to the Food Bank of WNY at Taco Vino, so there’s a charitable component in addition to burying your face in wine and tacos.

After all, the quality of the annual event hasn’t gone unnoticed by the folks who rate events—those people do exist, I guess—as Taco Vino was nominated for the Buffalo Niagara Event Professionals People’s Choice Outstanding Event Award, which we’ve delightfully shortened to BNEPPCOEA.

The money raised benefits Social Media Club Buffalo, which embraces the web of social networks that have become integral to businesses—and, for better or worse, daily life.

The small local organization offers networking events as well as sponsoring speakers—in addition to quality annual events like Social Media Day and 4SqDay [see photos of past events here and here].

Check out photos from Taco Vino in 2012 and 2011, too. We’ve apparently been around for a while.

(Interior photo is property of Salumeria Belsito, header photo is from Social Media Club Buffalo’s Facebook page. Second interior photo comes from Flickr / atl10trader)

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