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Rise of the Food Truck

Photo of Lloyd's Taco Truck from their Facebook page

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The Buffalo News’ multimedia department took a closer look at the food truck phenomenon that’s blossoming in Buffalo.  From Brian Meyer’s interviews and Aaron Besecker’s production, you’ll not only hear about the tension between “brick and mortar” restaurants and the infringing mobile food presence, but you’ll gain an understanding of why Lloyd’s Taco Truck, R&R BBQ and The Whole Hog are gaining a foothold in the community.  With The Roaming Buffalo arriving on the scene soon, the food truck craze has reached fever pitch. 

Plus, Ben T. makes several appearances in the short video, clearly overdressed for a balmy 75 degree day.  Can you spot him?  Hint: he’s wearing brown.  Also note the Lloyd’s employee’s “Ray vs. Domi” t-shirt.  Awesome.

Are these literal on-the-go eateries just a short term fad, or do you expect them to continue to grow and stay long term?

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