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You’ve undoubtedly heard of Flying Bison and Community Beer Works by now, but you may be unfamiliar with this aspiring duo of home-brewers primed to enter Buffalo’s craft-beer scene.

Big Ditch Brewing Company, a collaborative effort of co-founders Matt Kahn and Corey Catalano, will provide free samples of four beers from 5 to 7 tonight at KegWorks’ retail store, 1460 Military Rd., Buffalo. As you’re sipping the samples, you can browse KegWorks’ stock of ‘tools for drinking.’

“It’s nice promotion for us even though we’re not officially open yet,” said Kahn, who aims to start operations in 2014. “KegWorks’ retail store has a lot of tools for drinking, but they don’t sell beer, so that’s what we’re going to provide.”

Both Big Ditch owners—who will be in attendance tonight—will bring along four prototype beers, encouraging guests to taste-test and provide feedback.

**Golden ale: Light and drinkable with slight hop flavor
**Regular IPA: Bitter with hop flavor and aroma
**Rye brown ale: A malted ale with chocolate-y and spicy flavors
**Black IPA: Richer than the regular IPA, there’s a touch of smoked malt noticeable at the end (pictured, right).

Judging from the options above, Big Ditch is open to both conventional options and a few nontraditional twists—especially the spice of the rye brown ale and the smoked malt of the black IPA.

If the experimental nature of Kahn and Catalano caught you off-guard, don’t be too shocked. According to KegWorks’ 2012 interview, the owners have strong science and engineering backgrounds.

“We’ve also spent the last 10+ years working as chemists, biologists, engineers, and manufacturing technicians. We love beer, but we also love the science and process of brewing beer. We’d almost rather make beer than drink beer. Almost,” Kahn said to KegWorks’ Caleb Houseknecht.

Currently, finding a suitable location in Western New York has been Big Ditch’s impediment to setting up shop.

“We have a location in mind,” Kahn hinted, “but we haven’t signed a lease yet. We’ll have more formal announcement soon.”

Don’t hesitate to pick the brains—and encourage—this aspiring brewing duo tonight at Kegworks, and perhaps snag a few beer glasses on the way out.

(Photos courtesy of Big Ditch’s Facebook page).

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