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Sorting through Thursday’s Buffalo restaurant craze

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For Buffalo restaurant lovers, Thursday was a day of confusion, as rumors about restaurants closing or relocating swirled throughout the afternoon. Here’s what we do know: 

According to WGRZ, Ulrich’s Tavern, the oldest active bar in Buffalo, has been taken under control by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance due to $215,119 in owed taxes. A sign in front of the restaurant claims that Ulrich’s will re-open Aug. 6.

The German restaurant located at 674 Ellicott St. is best known for its 144-year legacy and Travel Channel icon Anthony Bourdain’s visit in Jan. 2009.

—Rumors also circulated that NoNoo Ramen, Buffalo’s only specialty ramen noodle joint, was on its way to closing when the restaurant was closed during dinner hours earlier this week. Head chef Chris Van Every released a statement, that he’d initially sent to Buffalo Eats’ Donnie Burtless, through NoNoo’s Facebook account, however, stating otherwise:

“Donnie, I hurt my back on Monday night removing a large stock pot from the stove. I havent been able to open for the past two nights because of this injury and am still in some pain. I will reopen tonight (Thursday). You should also know that I have entertained taking on a partner (to facilitate opening a full bar and to update the dinning room) and have also met with two parties who were interested in buying the business. I have lost interest in being here every single minute of everyday, since Hanna has left. I have turned down both offers so far to sell NoNoo. NoNoo will definitely be open for the foreseeable future. “

—According to Buffalo comedian Kristen Becker, she’ll open a comedy club at 30 Mississippi St. in winter 2012. Currently at 30 Mississippi? Benchwarmers Sports Bar and Grill and W.J. Morrissey’s Irish Pub. Burtless tweeted yesterday that those two restaurants are planning to move elsewhere, but there’s no confirmation on this yet. They’ll have little choice, however, if Helium Comedy Club is scheduled to move in.

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