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Southern Ontario home literally dripping with honey

Photo courtesy of Flickr / TREEAID

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A Southern Ontario family with a severe pest problem didn’t even suspect there was an issue until the ceiling began dripping with a sweet substance.

It was honey. The house was infested with bees—80,000 bees.

“I guess with the cracked ceiling in the kitchen and the honey dripping on me—that was (the) time to get help,” homeowner Loretta Yates told the Canadian Press.

Yates, her husband and their 22-month-old son live in the home, located in Varney, Ont. According to the Canadian Press, the family’s home insurance would not cover bee extermination, and pest control services wouldn’t guarantee the end of the infestation.

Instead, beekeeper David Schuit and three other employees of Saugeen Country Honey came to the rescue, according to a CTV News report.

Paul Kelly from the Honey Bee Research Centre explained in the CTV News video that the bee professionals had to fill the infested areas with smoke to keep the bees calm while they removed the queen bee from the colony.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / TREEAID.

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