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Souvlaki Wars: Part 3 - Mythos

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Fresh off my Coffee Crawl, I joined Ben T. in continuing the Souvlaki Wars. Over the past few weeks, we’ve eaten at Towne Restaurant and Acropolis. This week, we attacked Mythos, 510 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo.

As we’d done on our previous souvlaki stops, I ordered the chicken and Ben opted for beef. Interestingly, Mythos came highly suggested by Dino, the owner of Towne. According to Dino, Mythos sticks to a traditional Greek salad. Other restaurants stray from the traditional ingredients. Mythos’ salad contained romaine and iceberg lettuce, cubed fresh tomato, red onion, feta cheese, an olive, a peperoncini, and two triangles of pita bread—along with the meat of choice, of course.

The “famous” chicken souvlaki—as it’s described in the menu—comes with a side of dill sauce. That’s what won me over. The chicken was moist and flavorful, but the dill sauce gave it a balanced coolness. Our waitress Vicki explained that dill sauce isn’t the same as tzatziki, a yogurt-based condiment that comes with the gyro. Mythos owner Tim Klentos refused to divulge the recipe for the dill sauce.

It’s not just the dill sauce that’s a secret, Klentos proudly explained to us. The house dressing is secret, and the meat is marinated in a secret blend of spices. The recipes for each item have been consistent for 26 years, too, due to Mythos’ steady workforce. “Every time you come in, you have exactly the same thing,” Klentos said. Even our waitress Vicki has been serving Mythos customers for nearly a quarter-century. 

Having sampled three souvlaki dishes around the city, Ben noted that his beef souvlaki was more flavorful at Mythos than it had been at Towne, but he still preferred the Acropolis beef souvlaki lunch. And while I’ve enjoyed each chicken souvlaki dish, I agree with Ben—Acropolis set the bar pretty high. The vegetables in the Mythos salad were crisp, but there wasn’t as much punch to the palate as we’d come to expect from such a traditionally robust dish. We cleaned our plates though, and that means a lot.

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