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Souvlaki Wars: Part 2 - Towne Restaurant

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Souvlaki Wars: Part I - Acropolis

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The rocky Acropolis rose above Greece, looming as a symbol of power and intimidation.  When we visited the aptly-named Elmwood Greek restaurant (708 Elmwood Ave.), we had “lofty” hopes for their souvlaki on stop numero one of our journey (haha…not funny).

Because I’m not a professional food critic (though I wouldn’t mind it, frankly), I’‘ll focus on the differences and approaches to souvlaki between Buffalo’s Greek restaurants rather than handing out grades. Acropolis, amid an extended but worthwhile remodeling process, approaches souvlaki with refreshing authenticity and creativity.

“What makes our souvlaki great is the incredibly fresh vegetables,” bartender/server Dan told me.  “[Owner] Paul [Tsouflidis] chooses green leaf lettuce rather than iceberg, and I think that makes a huge difference in taste.”

Special to the menu is the pomegranate chicken souvlaki, which adds the sweet flavor of the uber-healthy fruit to the traditional Greek dish. Tsouflidis has incorporated pork souvlaki into the regular menu as well; in Greece, pork or lamb are the traditional meats used - Americans have adopted chicken and beef because of its availability and popularity in the U.S.

Server Dan also gives his mother a shout-out; she claims that Acropolis’ souvlaki is the best due to its flavorful - and homemade - Greek dressing that is served alongside the dish. 

While Acropolis’ souvlaki was an excellent start, the restaurant revealed grand plans for the future. The new-look downstairs has its clientele doing double-takes - the ceiling has been raised, the kitchen and front redone, and the exterior rebricked - but the potential of the second floor has captured our interest. 

According to Dan, Tsouflidis envisions a champagne/dessert bar on the second floor with a “lounge”-like atmosphere, where customers can look out over the balcony, enjoy reasonably-priced drinks and food, and relax with friends. We can’t wait - stop in for souvlaki and marvel at the improvements. 

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