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If you’ve been tracking the whereabouts of the Buffalo.com staff on Twitter—don’t worry, it’s not creepy—you’ll already know that we have a soft spot for Larkin Square as a summer lunch destination.

It’s more than the magnetic pull of the pickle-ball courts, the perkiness of the Square 1 Sandwiches staff and Kat’s unrelenting love for summer salads that’s pushed us to the colorful public area at the intersection of Seneca and Swan streets in downtown Buffalo.

Perhaps one of the overlooked beauties of Larkin Square is that you don’t feel like you’re intruding on First Niagara Bank, Travers Collins and the other major businesses that occupy that district—the spot is warm, welcoming and satisfies even the most picky of rumbling stomachs.

A clear indicator that Buffalo’s onto something is when the New York Times deems it worthy of coverage, and five photos taken by New York Times’ Dan Cappellazzo—two of which feature Larkin Square—will grace Sunday’s issue under the title of “New Lures for Locals in Buffalo.”

Fortunately for Buffalo’s adventurous lunch crowd, Larkin Square posted a handy cheat-sheet to its Facebook page yesterday as a reminder of its lunch times, special events and summer highlights.

Delving a little deeper into Larkin’s food scene—and this isn’t even including the food trucks that post up at the other side of the district almost daily—here are some helpful links.


The upscale, often open-air Filling Station has tweaked its menu this year, and it continues to churn out a healthy number of fresh specials. @LarkinFilling

Square 1 Sandwiches’ menu looks similar to last year’s, but I rate the peppered pork sandwich among my top five in Buffalo. @Square1Sammys

The Grill, which opens June 1, vends beer and, not surprisingly, daily grilled specials from its fully outdoor spot. I personally enjoy its high seating, because I am weirdly affectionate when it comes to tall chairs. @LarkinSquare (for now)

Weekly occasions:

Food Truck Tuesdays run from 5 p.m. to 8 and welcome Lloyd Taco Truck, R&R BBQ, Roaming Buffalo, the Whole Hog and the Sweet Hearth to the scene, while Amy’s Truck is also expected to join the festivities later in the summer. The Larkin Ice Cream Cart and Square 1 Sandwiches will remain open as well. Although it doesn’t offer food, Ooo La La Boutique will sell clothing.

Live at Larkin on Wednesdays: We passed along the free live-music schedule for the summer, but all of the usual lunch food stops at Larkin Square will remain open for the evening events.


S.J. wrote about the Newark Diner, which will be transported to Buffalo in the coming months to add yet another intriguing food options to the current corps.

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