The Cheesy Chick debuts tonight

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The Cheesy Chick debuts on Hertel - PHOTOS

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The Cheesy Chick, Buffalo’s most recent foray into the food truck scene, posted up near the intersection of Hertel and Colvin Avenues Friday night.

Although issues with the truck delayed the start, owner Alexis Andrzejak began to sell her array of grilled cheese sandwiches shortly after 6:30 p.m. in front of St. Margaret’s School, just east of the Hertel and Colvin intersection. When my housemate Seth and I arrived at 7:15, there were over 20 people who had already ordered food.

As anticipated, the wait was a little longer on the Cheesy Chick’s first day of service, but Andrzejak delivered each sandwich individually to each customer instead of simply yelling names from the truck—a nice gesture, I thought.

Seth ordered the Wild Thing ($5.75), pictured above, which is described as “havarti & Swiss cheeses with sliced turkey grilled on fresh rye bread then topped with our homemade coleslaw (jeweled with golden raisins and whole grain mustard). He was pleased with the combination of flavors—the turkey, the tandem of cheeses and the crunchy coleslaw were well balanced, he mentioned.

I chose tonight’s special, the French Chick ($6.50), which was Gruyere and caramelized onions—French onion soup-style—on buttery sourdough bread. The Gruyere was pleasantly sweet, the onions were soft and the sourdough had a crunchy crust but a softer middle. Even though the sandwich was a little heavy on the butter and not particularly big, neither of these were severe problems—we’re talking about a comfort food, after all, and Gruyere runs between $15 and $20 per pound. 

Check out the rest of Andrzejak’s menu here. Despite the early mechanical hiccup, the Cheesy Chick’s debut felt promising.

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The Cheesy Chick debuts tonight

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