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The Medaille Bug is giving away free Lloyd tacos to Medaille students

The Medaille Bug is in effect.

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UPDATE: This giveaway is for the first 100 Medaille students only.  The Medaille Bug isn’t made out of money, you know!  In all seriousness, this is a very nice gesture from the college to its returning students, so returning students…get to Facebook

Now back to the story:

It’s pretty easy: if you want a free taco from the Lloyd Taco Truck on Thursday, head to the Medaille Bug Fan Page and Like the post below:

Medaille Bug Facebook page

Then, when you head out to Medaille on Thursday at lunchtime, the promo gang at the college will have your name on a list and you will be entitled to a free taco and a soda.  While this giveaway may fly in the face of Facebook’s contest rules, we heartily encourage the giveaway of free Lloyd tacos.  Stick it to the man, Medaille!  We won’t tell Zuckerberg. 

So what exactly is the Medaille Bug?  It’s a sharp little VW Bug covered with the school’s branding.  The Bug shows up at Medaille events and activities and can be spotted throughout Buffalo, as well.  The Bug’s Facebook fan page is written in the first person, which leads the crusty, marketing-savvy cynics here at Buffalo.com to come to one jaundiced conclusion: Medaille has somehow harnessed technology that brings inanimate automobiles to life.  Chilling!  Take advantage of your free taco now, lest the Medaille Bug begins using its power for evil instead of good.

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