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Tim Hortons was a little leery to enter the internet ages, but the Ontario-based coffee company has recently embraced technology in a big way—most recently, with an interactive map that geotags Tims fans’ photos.

Tim Hortons jumped on Twitter a little late in the game, but the coffee chain now has two accounts: one for Canadian customers, one for U.S. customers. Over in the Middle East, Tim Hortons teamed up with Gulf News and an innovative advertising agency to produce interactive coffee cup sleeves that feature up-to-the-minute news headlines with links and scannable codes that direct interested coffee drinkers to complete news stories on their mobile devices.

On Monday, Tim Hortons launched the Tims Photo Tour, an interactive map that allows Tims fans to upload Tims-themed photos to the website. The geotagged photos then appear on a customized Google map according to the location where the photo was taken.

So far, only a few Buffalo-area Tims customers have uploaded photos, but that’s going to change soon. Remember this one?
Tim Hortons truck

The map campaign, which runs through Nov. 11, is also a contest. One person will win a $5,000 vacation, and 21 others will win coffee for a year. Read the official contest rules for more information.

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