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For those of us too busy to slow down and read the morning paper over a piping hot cup of coffee, an ad agency for Tim Hortons may have found the antidote. 

TAXI reports that Timmies coffee cup sleeves in Dubai will now feature up-to-the-minute news headlines from Gulf News, UAE’s daily English newspaper.

Y&R Dubai, the advertising agency responsible for the idea, uses social media and mobile apps to take the news one step further. When a customer orders a cup of coffee, the barista will send a blank sleeve through a printer that receives and imprints headlines from Gulf News’ Twitter feed. The printer will also place a URL and QR-Code on the sleeve, directing the customer to full stories and more breaking news headlines—ensuring that the news is as fresh as the coffee.

Tim Hortons cup sleeves featuring Gulf News

According to Springwise.com, Gulf News has experienced 41 percent more website views since the Tim Hortons sleeve campaign started, and subscriptions have gone up 2.8 percent.

Read more about Tim Hortons here.

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