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Wegmans knows how to keep the customer happy.

According to Consumer Reports, Wegmans ranked No. 1 supermarket in America based on shopper feedback.

Customers were asked about different aspects of the shopping experience—prices, selection, line length, employee interactions, etc.—as part of the Consumers Report survey. Grocers with top ratings were:

1. Wegmans
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Publix
4. Fareway Stores
5. Costco

And who blew it in terms of keeping customers happy? These guys were rated the worst:

1. Pathmark
2. Walmart Supercenter
3. Shaw’s
4. A&P
5. Jewel-Osco

Wegmans, based in nearby Rochester, is mainly an east coast chain, but stores continue to pop up far from Western New York. Back in October, Wegmans opened its first New England store, which ended up being more of a Black Friday event than the typical grocery store grand opening.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / patashley.

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