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Wegmans gets Greenpeace stamp of approval

Photo courtesy of Wegmans.com

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That fish might be delicious, but it could be endangered. Representatives from Greenpeace set out to rank the seafood selections at major grocery stores, and they were particularly concerned with the “sustainability of the seafood being sold inside.” They were horrified to find coolers and freezers stocked with Chilean sea bass, Atlantic cod, swordfish, orange roughy, hoki, red snapper and shark—all considered environmentally unsound seafood options.

But there’s good news for Western New York. Our very own Wegmans was ranked second among the best supermarkets for sustainable seafood options, just one spot from top-scoring seafood seller Safeway. Wegmans stopped selling Chilean sea bass, a huge move toward limiting the sale of over-fished sea creatures.

Bravo, Wegmans. We love you almost as much as Alec Baldwin loves you

Here’s the list of stores that received a passing grade from Greenpeace:

1. Safeway
2. Target and Wegmans (tie)
4. Whole Foods
5. Ahold
6. Harris Teeter
7. Aldi
8. A&P
9. Price Chopper
10. Delhaize
11. Costco
12. Trader Joe’s
13. Walmart
14. H.E. Butt
15. Kroger

We’re still pushing for invasive Asian carp fish fries. We can’t get rid of those giant jumping fish fast enough.

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  1. Big Ben April 20, 2011 @ 5:12pm

    I bought tuna from Wegman’s and the can noted that it was caught in the wild.  Not sure I’m OK with that.  Farm raise your tunas!

    Big Ben's avatar