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What is a ‘Beef ‘O’ Brady’?

Photo from the Beef 'o' Brady's Tampa-based Facebook page

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Beef ‘O’ Brady, a chain restaurant based in Tampa, FL, has announced its intentions to start a franchise to Buffalo, a Restaurant News Release reports.

The sports pub has 210 locations in 22 states, but its Chief Development Officer James Walker sees an opportunity in Buffalo.

“While there’s definitely a market for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in the Buffalo area, we’re taking a careful approach to finding a franchise partner with business savvy, tenacity and a readiness to reinvest in the communities they serve,” said James Walker, Chief Development Officer of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, in the release. “To create a long, happy partnership, we ensure that our franchise partners meet stringent criteria and share our values.”

The usual immediate response to a new chain peering at Buffalo from afar is skepticism, if not downright negativity. There’s certainly some merit to that—Buffalo treasures its small, local businesses, and service/operations of chains can absolutely become lackadaisical (to poor) quite quickly if not attended to.

At least in its written intentions, though, there’s a commitment to community involvement. The article continues: “Since the company’s inception, each Beef ‘O’ Brady’s has committed itself to strengthening local ties through philanthropic partnerships and volunteerism. Expansion in Buffalo will also benefit the local economy through job creation and development agreements with area contractors.”

Even though the restaurant is called “Beef” ‘O’ Brady’s,” the most popular item on the menu is Buffalo-style chicken wings—two new dry-rubs, “blackened seasoning” and “lemon pepper”—were recently introduced to complement the 12 different sauces. For some reason, we think Mario Williams would salivate over the title of this restaurant.

Link to the full menu here.

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