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I’m all for grilling artery-clogging foods.  In fact, I walked into a friend’s house on Saturday, and the family’s first response was, “My, you’ve gained weight!”  “Hello to you too!”  Damn the General Tso’s Waddle.  Anyhow, not only are most grilled items juicy and delicious, but the aroma of sizzling steaks and sausages hints that summer is closing in quicker than Harold Camping’s next doomsday prediction.  Since Americans are putting a stronger emphasis on eating healthy—or at least tempering their diets—it wouldn’t hurt to toss a few vegetables on the grill as well. 

Then again, I’m the kind of fellow who lobs a chunk of rhubarb on the grill with the adventurous mindset of: “I wonder how this will taste?!”  There’s no doubt that I need guidance (in more phases of life than simply grilling vegetables). 

I know, you’ll roll your eyes when I drop this “about.com” link on you, but it’s simple and helpful for the veggie-grilling rookie.  Plus, they all sound delicious!  And, your family and friends will be shocked that you’ve taught yourself how to grill stuffed portobello mushrooms, acorn squash and zucchini. 

The moral, though, is to make sure you’re attentive; simply placing vegetables on the grill doesn’t make you a hero.  Don’t go launching the frisbee around after setting the veggies on; pay attention!

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