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With the Superbowl coming up, football fans and commercial lovers will unite for one of the most televised events of the year. The go-to for most party snacks is without a doubt, the chicken wing.

Everyone has their favorites: hot, medium, mild, sweet and spicy. But which sauce is is the sauce that tops all others? Kitchen Daily at The Huffington Post put Frank’s and Tabasco Buffalo head-to-head and conducted an experiment to settle it.

Twenty HuffPost editors were part of a blind taste test where they were first asked to correctly identify each brand and then to choose their favorite.

85% of the tasters correctly identified the two sauces.

60% of the tasters preferred Frank’s over the Tabasco Buffalo style sauce.

Some comments on each sauce?

Frank’s —“Good tang!” “Tangy from a heavy dose of vinegar.” “This is the spicier of the two, and has more of a zing.” “Exactly how I imagine Buffalo wings to taste.”

Tabasco Buffalo—“This is spicier and has more body—a very robust Buffalo sauce.” “This definitely has more complexity.” “This has a richer, more rounded flavor.” “Very peppery.”

Ask any Buffalonian and there is no question. Frank’s is the way to go when it comes to wings. Check out the new advertisement for Frank’s that is also getting a lot of internet attention. You go Ethel!

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