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Bills fans tailgate at Ralph Wilson Stadium - PHOTOS

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{video_photo_caption}Buffalo Bills Tailgating @ Ralph Wilson Stadium - PHOTOS

Massive crowds gathered on Sunday as the Buffalo Bills challenged the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Fans could not have asked for a better day as the temperature was warm enough to proudly paint your chest!  Grill masters,…


Immediate reactions: Bills 23, Ravens 20

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So I suppose the world didn’t end last week. Who could’ve imagined a rookie could have a bad game during his first ever road start as a National Football League quarterback and not have it ruin his career? Football!! It’s unpredictable!!



Turner-Carroll grad Corey Graham shocks the world in Ravens’ playoff win

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{video_photo_caption}Corey Graham gets it done...for Baltimore and for Buffalo.

Who says Buffalo can’t win under pressure? Turner-Carroll graduate Corey Graham, a defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens and the subject of a great…


Dear Everyone: Lee Evans was not that good

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{video_photo_caption}Away he goes - Lee Evans is off to Baltimore.  Oh well.

From Twitter:

#buffalo #bills are a joke. By trading evans u admit fully u have no interest in winning. Im tired of ralph. Buddy is a moron.

2011-12 #buffalo Bills season summary: shortened tailgate, shorter passes.…


Evans on the way out?

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{video_photo_caption}Photo of Lee Evans from Buffalo Bills' Facebook page

Lee Evans has underachieved as a Bill.  Drafted as a deep threat out of Wisconsin, Evans has been a victim of circumstances just as much as he’s failed to improve as an individual.  Long touted as the Bills’ #1 receiver, he hasn’t posted statistics…