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Buffalo ranked 5th most hungover city in America

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In other news, sales for Gatorade and aspirin have sky-rocketed in the Queen City following this story.

Buffalo has been ranked the 5th most hungover city in America,…

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Binge drinking: know what you’re getting into

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{video_photo_caption}What does binge drinking do to you?

This isn’t going to be a story that looks for a moral in the sad story of David Gerken, Jr., the young man found dead outside of Thursday night’s…


Our city’s a somewhat healthy place for Buffalo gals

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Self Magazine released it’s annual list of healthiest and not-so-healthy cities for women to reside, and Buffalo fell somewhere in the middle.

Coming in at No. 47 on…

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It’s true: Buffalo’s a drinking town with a sports problem

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The old adage “Buffalo is a drinking town with a sports problem” is undeniably true.

Late last year, Buffalo was listed among the top 25 drunkest cities in America, based…

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Yes, the “binge drinking” definition is silly.

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Drinking is the prime summer social activity in Buffalo.  On bar patios, at family barbecues, before Darien Lake shows or on softball diamonds, it’s near impossible to beat the magical mix of sunshine and alcohol.  Why not live it up during the three…