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Kaner nabs Conn Smythe, Stanley Cup No. 2 - VIDEO

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Instagram / NHLBlackhawks

In an unbelievable finish to a great series, the Chicago Blackhawks proved why they are the greatest team in the NHL—in just 17 seconds.

As the clock ticked down in the 3rd period, the Boston Bruins were ahead 2-1 with just over a minute left in the…


Crowd kicks off Sabres game with emotional anthem in Boston - VIDEO

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Facebook.

It was hard not to get a little choked up when watching the pre-game ceremonies at Wednesday night’s Sabres game against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden.

The first home game in Boston…


Drew Stafford’s sweet Sabres fur coat - VIDEO

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{video_photo_caption}Drew Stafford: he's the baddest.

The Buffalo Sabres have been, well, not great so far this season. The squad has a 6-8-1 record, which places them squarely in the cellar of the Northeast Division and tied for ninth in the Eastern Conference standings. Fans and sports columnists have been edgy, calling…


Sabres fans pile into FNC for rivalry clash vs. Boston - PHOTOS

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{video_photo_caption}Fans see the Bruins swipe the Sabres 3 to 1

It had been a beautifully sunny winter Sunday day that turned to overcast by game time. The Sabres' fans poured into the First Niagara Center sporting their assorted Sabre regalia, enjoying the pre-game time before their beloved Buffalo Sabres took the ice. The cheering…


Pat Kane is less than intimidating in Europe

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{video_photo_caption}Photo via Deadspin.

As Sam Page put it in his story, “Patrick Kane Is Just A Cool Bro Chilling In A Post-Apocalyptic Hell-Earth.”


Sabres’ revenge game vs. Bruins drew big-time ratings

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{video_photo_caption}A lot of you saw this little donnybrook go down.

People really, really wanted to see Milan Lucic get his ass kicked.

Well, that didn’t…


5 embarrassing bits about Milan Lucic

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of flickr.com user rpongslaj

You’re licking your chops in anticipation, not only because there’s a Sabres game tonight, but also because loathed Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic comes to Buffalo after inciting the fury of Sabres nation. Off with his head!

For a refresher,…