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Day 10: Scenes from the Erie County Fair

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{video_photo_caption}The days are going fast at the Erie County Fair.

Have you been to the Erie County Fair yet this year? If not, here is what you are missing: delicious food, crazy rides, delightful animals, tons of sunshine, a fun drive out to Hamburg and the best damn people-watching you're going to find in Western New York. Time's…

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Day 7 at the Erie County Fair - PHOTOS

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{video_photo_caption}I would love some deep fried cookie dough.

A little rain wasn't enough to stop Western New Yorkers from having a great time at the Erie County Fair yesterday. If you're at the Fair or out around Buffalo, keep an eye out for our promo team in the pink Buffalo.com shirts -- we have stickers and giveaways for you!

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Welcome to the Erie County Fair!

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It's the Erie County Fair -- one of the biggest events of the summer here in Western New York. Join our own Erin D. for a quick walk-through and a rundown of some of the newest Fair attractions (as well as a few cute little goats) and get pumped up for this classic…