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Yoga in inspiring places

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Flickr / yogalifestudios

Will you resolve to get fit, reduce stress and/or see new things in 2013? Well, kill a few birds with one stone.

A popular method of exercising is yoga, which has all…


Our city’s a somewhat healthy place for Buffalo gals

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Self Magazine released it’s annual list of healthiest and not-so-healthy cities for women to reside, and Buffalo fell somewhere in the middle.

Coming in at No. 47 on…


Bills’ Shawne Merriman featured on ‘Training Days’ - VIDEO

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Youtube.

The NOC went behind the scenes of Buffalo Bills defensive end, Shawne Merriman’s off-season training at Fit Athletic in San Diego, Calif.

In this


New York State: a (relatively) healthy place to live

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{video_photo_caption}Who's staying healthy in the USA? Hint: it's not Mississippi.

Despite 147 years of relative peace following the Civil War, the North and South remain divided—at least when it comes to health, according to The…