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Red Bull Crashed Ice at Niagara Falls - PHOTOS

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Western New Yorkers, Southern Ontarians, and an insane group of international daredevils-on-ice packed the streets of Niagara Falls, Ontario on Saturday night. This was the kick off event of the 2013 Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship and there couldn't have been…


Red Bull Butter Cup Prep: Scenes from Holiday Valley

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The Red Bull Butter Cup (and a delivery of 25 tons of snow) is coming to downtown Buffalo on Saturday, Feb. 11. Wondering what's the Butter Cup? It's basically a trick competition featuring professional and amateur snowboarders, but it would probably just be easier…


Red Bull brings the Butter to Buffalo

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{video_photo_caption}The Red Bull Butter Cup is coming to downtown Buffalo.

There’s something big coming to Niagara Square. And no, it is not a politically-charged drum circle inside a geodesic tent.

The Red Bull Butter Cup snowboard…