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Freezer 5K in Cobblestone District - PHOTOS

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{video_photo_caption}Runners brave the cold, snow covered roads and Buffalo winter wind to compete in the Freezer 5K.

The temperature hovered around 20 degrees, the day before 9 inches of snow had fallen and was continuing to fall on the city streets as hundreds of fit and robust souls gathered for the annual Freezer 5K run presented by Heart…


Freezer 5K - PHOTOS

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{video_photo_caption}They were off and running in the 2012 Freezer 5K

It was more like late fall or early spring weather that greeted the crowd of runners in the 2012 Freezer 5k race through the Cobblestone District and Erie Basin Marina. The kids Freezer Pop Dash up Perry Street kicked the day off and then the Freezer 5K runners took…


The 3rd annual Freezer 5K

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{video_photo_caption}Buffalo's Cobblestone District is site of 3rd annual Freezer 5K.

Early bird runners arriving at Mississippi Street found a sunny cold December Sunday morning soon turn gray and sprout a fluffy snowfall as the 3rd annual Freezer 5K was to start. Heart Rate Up.com coordinated the event hosted by WJ Morrissey's and Lagerhaus 95. The…

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Cool runnings

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{video_photo_caption}Photo from citysportsblog

You know when it’s called the Freezer 5K, you better bring your Under Armour. Runners from all over Buffalo will brave the chilly weather downtown on Sunday for the third annual Freezer 5K. The race…