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Mad Dukez: Robbed in Montreal

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{video_photo_caption}Mad Dukez got ripped off in Montreal.

Bad news: Buffalo hip-hop artist Mad Dukez and his tourmates have been robbed. Here’s the situation, according to Dukez’ label, Deep Thinka Records:

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Mad Dukez climbing the charts in Canada

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{video_photo_caption}Mad Dukez is making moves in Canada and beyond

Buffalo’s own Mad Dukez—the notoriously verbose wordslinger, former Artvoice BOOM Competition winner (with jazz-hop trio

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Gettin’ ‘Lo’ on Saturday at DBGBs

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There’s a strong sense of nostalgia when it comes to ‘90s hip-hop. The era of Biggie and ‘Pac is viewed as an extension of rap’s Golden Age—which many…