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Patrick Kaleta named to Cosmo’s hot list

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Facebook.

With hockey back in business, it looks like Cosmopolitan magazine is pretty excited for the players to hit the ice.

Korin Miller from Cosmopolitan


The new Mannheim steamroller: Pominville to Germany

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{video_photo_caption}Jason Pominville is off to Europe.

Another player is on the move as a result of the National Hockey League’s seemingly endless lockout: Buffalo Sabres captain Jason Pominville is heading off to Germany, according to published reports at


Jason Pominville says ‘You Can Play’ - VIDEO

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{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Youtube.

“If you can play, you can play.”

Earlier this month, Sabres captain Jason Pominville was featured in a You Can Play video along with the Boston Bruins’ Zdeno Chara to support…


Pominville makes it count in Ottawa

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{video_photo_caption}Jason Pominville / Youtube

It was a long break for most of the Sabres this weekend, but Jason Pominville and Luke Adam kept busy at the NHL All-Star weekend in Ottawa.

The players, recognized as the best of the best in hockey got to strut their stuff in the skills competitions and…


All-Star Sabres

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Last night kicked off the 2012 NHL All-Star Weekend with the team drafts. Just like any other pick-up game of street hockey, two captains (Daniel Alfredsson, Ottawa; and Zdeno Chara, Boston) got to pick and choose, one by one, each player they want for their respective…