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Jeremy Jermaine Jerome brings ‘Close to Extinct’ to Buffalo - INTERVIEW

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“Everyday I’m fighting to be known,” Jeremy Jermaine Jerome said in an interview with Buffalo.com Wednesday. “And that’s fine because I want to earn it, and I want to work even harder for it. Buffalo is probably…

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Jeremy Jermaine Jerome is back, and he brought his friends

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{video_photo_caption}Jeremy Jermaine Jerome: prepare to have your mind blown.

Say this about Jeremy Jermaine Jerome: he knows how to get into your head.

A tad mysterious—JJJ has alluded, in conversation, to a vagabond past, changing residencies from Buffalo to the American…

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Jeremy Jermaine Jerome: Buffalo bizarre-core

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{video_photo_caption}Jeremy Jermaine Jerome: coming up from the underground.

Buffalo is a city that celebrates the fringe—from outsider visual artists to aurally challenging musicians to avant-garde theater, there is a rich vein of anti-mainstream and, quite frankly, weird creativity that resonates through the region. It’s not…