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Coles 79th annual Christmas Party - PHOTOS

gallery by Robin David Brown  • 


The halls were decked and the Tom & Jerrys were flowing as Coles hosted its 79th Annual Christmas party on Wednesday night. 

The Shatzel family along with the rest of their extended Coles family enjoyed…

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From chic to freak at Prom of the Dead - INTERVIEW

blog by Morgan Culhane  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo Courtesy of Prom of the Dead's website

Forget ties, corsages and princess dresses for this prom; think glamorous meets freaky for Torn Space Theater’s fourth annual costume ball.


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The Bash 2013 - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  • 

{video_photo_caption}Salute! Another fun party at this year's American Red Cross Bash 2013.

The Buffalo chapter of the American Red Cross' annual Bash -- a military-themed party that draws thousands of people from all corners of Western New York -- has become one of those signposts that summer is here in the City of Good Neighbors (even if the weather does…


Free New Year’s rides from Designated Drivers of Buffalo

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Flickr /  Caitlinator

I don’t want any of your excuses, Buffalo. Designated Drivers of Buffalo once again offers free services to get both you and your car home safely during the wee morning hours of New Year’s Day.

For the last…


Ask Avery: New year, new look

blog by Avery Hartmans  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Facebook / Planet Blue

New Year’s is coming and I still don’t have an outfit. What can I wear that’s a little different from the typical sparkly dress? I’m kind of bored with that look.

Though I hate to see 2012 come to a close, it is that…

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New Year’s Eve events for all to enjoy

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Flickr / onnoth

When it comes to making New Year’s Eve plans, there’s the kind of people that dig big boozed-up crowds, and then there are those of us liking low-key gatherings. End 2012 in the fashion of your choosing, because there’s no shortage of New Year’s…

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Beersgiving tip sheet

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of  Mike Licht of NotionsCapital.com, via Flickr.

The night before Thanksgiving is said to be the biggest party night of the year, with more than 80 million Americans age 21 and older gathering for drinks and socializing, according to a…

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This Friday: a black-and-white party for the books

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

{video_photo_caption}Come on in -- it's all-you-can-drink with the price of admission!

If you grew up as a book nerd, like me, then you have fond memories of spending countless hours immersed in books from your local library. One of the roof-raising moments of my youth was taking home top honors in the Dunkirk Free Library summer reading contest as…

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Let’s get weird: Artists & Models tonight at Hallwalls

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

{video_photo_caption}Artists & Models: Showoff is your chance to get wild in a culturally appropriate setting, Buffalo.

What is going on in Buffalo? It feels like we’re sleepwalking through an episode of Sex and the City lately. We’re just getting through another successful run of Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion…

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Collision: A Massive Summer Celebration planned at Albright-Knox

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

{video_photo_caption}The Albright-Knox has the night fever, night fever...

Once upon a time, people used to refer to the 1970s as a cultural wasteland—all mindless disco, bad game shows and AMC Gremlins. Maybe after the utter explosiveness of the 1960s, the ‘70s felt like a bit of a letdown. The walls of society were torn down…

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Welcome to Day Two of St. Patrick’s Day

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

{video_photo_caption}Buffalo's Irish is up for the second consecutive day.

Thanks to a leap year calendar quirk, Irish enthusiasts were treated to a special Saturday version of St. Patrick’s Day—the first time since 2007 that the holiday lined up so favorably for hardcore celebrants (the next time it happens will be in 2018).…

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SHOCKING ADDITION TO SCIENCE MUSEUM!  Wait, we can’t tell you yet.

blog by Buffalo Museum of Science  • 

{video_photo_caption}What could the secret addition to the Buffalo Museum of Science be?

SURPRISE! It’s a….?

The Buffalo Museum of Science is welcoming two new BIG members to its family at the end of the month, but we’re not revealing the results of the 20-week sonogram just yet.

So what will the stork bring? A spaceship?…

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2011 Variety Halloween Bash

gallery by Bill Parker  • 

{video_photo_caption}Hooray for Halloween!

The Variety Club of Western New York gave us one last taste of Halloween at one of Buffalo's genuinely creepy buildings -- the old Central Terminal. Oh, and it is a historic gem, too. FOR GHOSTS. And people. People, too. Alive and dead.