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Celtic Christmas

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Flickr / fuzzcat

It’s that time of year—the season when we break out the Celtic Christmas tunes on the iPod, engage in an international Irish-themed secret Santa gift exchange and dance a festive jig to “We Three Kings” ... Oh, that’s just me?


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Rocky Horror Picture Party

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Twentieth Century Fox

It’s time to “Time Warp” again, back to the ‘70s when cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” rocked the world with it’s creepy-meets-kinky screenplay and music.

Join fellow “Rocky Horror” fans and…

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Hugh Laurie jazzes up the Riviera Theatre - VIDEOS

blog by Kathryn Przybyla  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Facebook.

This was a show like no other.

A fan of all genres, I had been looking forward to this jazz concert for weeks frankly because I have never been to a jazz show. The stage was set as if we walked into a dark lounge from the 1920s, with carpeted floors, dim-lit…

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blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo from Rhythm of the Dance website

Looking for a taste of Riverdance before St. Paddy’s Day? Well, Riverdance won’t be stepping through Buffalo any time soon, but professional Irish dance show…

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Gaelic Storm hits Buffalo on Tuesday

blog by Kathryn Przybyla  • 

{video_photo_caption}Photo courtesy of Facebook

The Irish/Celtic music season has officially arrived.

After a start playing monthly gigs for friends at Santa Monica’s O’Brien’s Tavern in 1995, Gaelic Storm’s popularity skyrocketed…

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Scenes from Make the Yuletide Gay concert with the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus

gallery by Jeff Noto  • 

{video_photo_caption}Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus performs

The Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus performed their "Make the Yuletide Gay" holiday concert at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda to a good sized crowd. Fabulous music, friendly patrons and volunteers, and an audience participation of "The 12 Days of Christmas" that had…

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Don’t forget to write: INLITE goes nationwide this summer

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

{video_photo_caption}INLITE will play The Riviera Theatre oin Saturday.

The rock ‘n’  roll ticker in the Buffalo.com offices has been churning out a veritable avalanche of local band news lately.  Rolls of accounting paper with nearly-indecipherable script are pouring…