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UB Spectrum: The Heights of Fear

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Architecture student Chen Lin is so scared living in the University Heights she doesn’t go out past dark.

She came to UB this year from China and since her arrival, she has heard about students in her South Campus neighborhood being robbed, shot, burglarized…

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Binge drinking: know what you’re getting into

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{video_photo_caption}What does binge drinking do to you?

This isn’t going to be a story that looks for a moral in the sad story of David Gerken, Jr., the young man found dead outside of Thursday night’s…


What can Buffalo expect from Frankenstorm?

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{video_photo_caption}This is not picnic weather.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Frankenstorm lately, but may be slightly out of the loop due to more pressing concerns like Halloween parties and football gambling. Here’s what is going on.

What is Frankenstorm?