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Polar Plunge at Woodlawn Beach - PHOTOS

gallery by Cody Osborne  • 


It was a beautiful day to be at Woodlawn Beach State Park on Saturday afternoon (if you consider 40 degrees and cloudy to be beautiful). Over $100,000 was raised this year by our annual Buffalo, NY Polar Plunge. Buffalonians came out in packs to show some support for…


Live in London: Day 8—Tors and the Olympic Relay Torch

blog by Victoria Mintz  • 

{video_photo_caption}Tors kissing one of the official Olympic Relay Torches!

After a great week with family in Brighton, my sisters and I packed our bags and headed to Camberley where we will be staying for the rest of the week with the family of two British Olympic synchronized swimmers, Jenna and Asha Randall who are competing in the London…


Live In London: Day 6 - Olympic Park swimming spectacular

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{video_photo_caption}Tors at the Aquatic Center in the Olympic Park!

Big day for me in London—let me just say Day Six definitely did not disappoint! After yet another early morning and hectic afternoon, my family and I journeyed all over the city and took London by storm.

6 a.m.: Very early morning…