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5 random facts about Jake McCabe

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Despite winning a gold medal as Team USA‘s captain for the 2013 World Junior Hockey Championships, Buffalo Sabres prospect Jake McCabe is just like…


Rochester Amerks make a cameo at Olympics

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Even the Rochester Amerks are getting some love at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

While America’s new sweetheart, Gabrielle Douglas won the all-around gold medal in women’s gymnastics, her brother, John Douglas was rocking a New Era Amerks…


Move over, Michael Phelps - VIDEO

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This is super impressive.

In a video posted online by UB Communications, head coach Andy Bashor explains how quite a few members from the UB swim team will prepare to face the nation’s…


Buffalonian shoots for London

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Jake Kaminski was shooting for this summer’s London Olympics, and he’s right on target to compete as a member of team USA.

Kaminski is one of six archers to have been nominated after an intense 10-month tryout period, AroundTheRings.com

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Still a ‘Miracle on Ice’

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On February 22, 1980 a group of amateur and collegiate ice hockey players from the United States took on the Soviet team. Not expected to win, the Americans pulled off an insane victory against what was thought to be the best hockey team in the world.