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Buffalo is ...

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I was looking up Latin American slang on UrbanDictionary.com when it occurred to me, “Hmm, I bet there’s an entry on ‘Buffalo’ on this thing.”

So I typed the word “Buffalo” into the search bar, much like I do every morning on Google, and was immediately surprised by the number of relevant entries on the results list. As of 9:06 a.m. today, there are 66 listings.

Many of the user-generated definitions are the same—they either bash our snowy city, or celebrate the home of the Bills, Sabres, wings, loganberry and Bison Dip. But then there are the unique entries and the wonderfully worded ones. Here are some of the meanings of “Buffalo” that I found particularly interesting/amusing:

“A drinking game in which you can only drink alchohol with your non-dominant hand and if another player sees you drinking with your dominant hand, they can call buffalo on you and you must finish your drink as quickly as possible.” #6

“A city everyone likes to hate on yet once you leave you miss it. Once you leave you don’t eat for at least a month because there is no good food except in Buffalo. See Mighty Taco Tim Hortons.” #7

“Buffalo’s greatest claim to fame is the mixing some rancid disgusting sauce with fried fatty chicken wings. The popularity of this food is evident by the gigantic size of the population. Visiting any mall is like the running of the bulls in Pamplona as Buffalonians waddle and wheeze to the food court or Lane Bryant.” #2

“A moderatly [sic] respectable blur [sic] collar town in western new york. Among other things, it is the final resting place of president Mckinley and former Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff.” #13

“An active slow motorist within a pack of slow driving motorists on a public roadway. As derived from the name of the undesired animal, the term specifically means a rather undesired slow driver that is insistent on fighting for the belief that one is able to drive at fairly unreasonable slow speeds without considering the negative impact for following parties of drivers. ” #16

“To have sex in a snowbank. Perhaps derives from Buffalo, NY, the freaking snow capital of the world. This is a common practice amongst bored college freshman in rural areas.” #18

“Cows that look like bears.” #22

“To attack 1 person in a big group while chanting buffalo.” #31

“(Verb) When one drinks so heavily that the only means by which to vomit is to collapse onto all fours and projectile vomit while aggressively swaying head left to right resembling that of a buffalo.” #32

“The auto-correct version of BFF during text messaging or IM-ing from a cellular device.” #33

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Mykl Roventine

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  1. Stephanie Haefner November 01, 2011 @ 11:17am

    Hmmm…...#2 seems a bit harsh.

  2. Erin Morris November 01, 2011 @ 11:21am

    #22 - a distant cousin to Man Bear Pig perhaps?

    Erin Morris's avatar
  3. S.J. Velasquez November 01, 2011 @ 11:27am

    No. 2 is definitely harsh, but I thought the Pamplona reference was pretty funny.

    S.J. Velasquez's avatar