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Daemen grad becomes pro sports’ first female head trainer


Buffalo-themed Halloween costumes

Photo courtesy of Phil Ciallela.

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Best Buffalo-themed Halloween costumes so far:

Rudy and Randy Pikuzinski

Rudy and Randy

The brothers Pikuzinski are local soccer legends. They grew up in Western New York and went on to play for the Buffalo Stallions, and later the Buffalo Blizzard. Pictured above are Adam Hernandez and Pat Meyers, dressed as the Pikuzinski brothers. It is unclear to me who is supposed to be Randy/Rudy.

Lloyd Taco Truck

Lloyd Taco Truck

The first of Buffalo’s food trucks has finally arrived—in the form of a Halloween costume, sported by Christina Pinzone, the only female in Buffalo who didn’t look like a total tramp at a Halloween party. See, women’s costumes can be tasteful (or tasty, in this case). And there’s nothing sexier than a taco truck.

Doug Allen, Sabres anthem singer

Doug Allen

Here’s Doug Allen, anthem singer for the Buffalo Sabres. Thanks, @lakeeriemonster, for sharing this one.

Have photos of other Buffalo-inspired Halloween costumes? Let us know, and we’ll post them. Email svelasquez [at] buffnews [dot] com.

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