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Dude wears fake mustache, robs bank, looks goofy

Screen capture from Channel 4 News broadcast

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A man wearing a fake mustache robbed HSBC Bank on Tuesday afternoon, and police are still looking for information.

The approximately 5-foot-6-inch, 170-pound man had short hair on his head and his face—but authorities are pretty sure that ‘stache wasn’t legit. The facial hair must’ve been so blatantly obvious.

In recognition of the robber’s unnatural whiskers, enjoy these photos of other things wearing fake facial hair:

stache 1
stache 2
stache 3
stache 4
(Photos 1 through 5 from 50 Animals with Fake Beards.)

stache 5
Photo from Idolator.com.

stahe 6
Photo from Letters to Ira Glass.

stache 7
My adorable niece Fifi.

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