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Giant invasive plant found in New York

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Nick Saltmarsh

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Giant hogweed flowers grow to the size of umbrellas, the Associated Press reports, and the plant’s sap can cause blindness and uncomfortable blisters.

And it’s in New York!

The invasive plant species has been found throughout the state, and the Department of Environmental Conservation is trying to locate patches of the hogweed plant before its growth gets out of control. There’s even Giant Hogweed Hotline, 845-256-3111, for you to report hogweed sightings, according to AP.

Our Canadian niehgbors are actively battling hogweed as well, but a few Ontario plant specialists are fighting more than the invasive plant—they’re scuffling with plant defenders. In Guelph, Ontario, two plant experts say there are at least two confirmed hogweed plants in the city limits, but an owner of the lawn hosting one of the plants refuses to get rid of the suspected hogweed, GuelphMercury.com reports.

The DEC has released a map with detailed info on hogweed sightings across the state. To see an enlarged image, click here.

DEC hogweed map

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