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As part of the Complete Streets Campaign, GO Bike Buffalo has teamed up with Re-Tree WNY (a program of Keep Western New York Beautiful) and the City of Buffalo to ensure our streets are safe for all users by providing trees to community groups in an effort to reforest Buffalo.

Since its formation after the October Surprise Storm, Re-Tree WNY has engaged the community in a process that has seen 6,104 street tree locations planted just in the City of Buffalo. This does not include all the additional trees planted in parks, schools and other open spaces. This community engagement effort has been incredibly successful.

According to Re-Tree WNY, some benefits to planting more trees around the city include

Reduced and more appropriate traffic speeds, safer walking and bicycling environments, added value to adjacent homes, businesses and tax base, reduced stormwater run-off, protection from the elements, improved air quality and an overall better quality of life for all residents.

Now, these organizations need your help to plant trees around Buffalo. Organize your community group or neighborhood and sign-up for a volunteer tree planting. Once your registration is approved you can access the online map and reservation system to select the locations and the type of species you would prefer.

There will be planting classes available to train participants and you must reserve your trees by September 8.

For more information on the project, head over to the GO Bike Buffalo website or check out Re-Tree WNY.

Re-Tree WNY

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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