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Local Businesses Underutilizing Social Media Outlets: Facebook

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In an environment where social technology rules, utilizing social media is becoming a must for businesses and those that choose to ignore this changing landscape will ultimately be left behind.  Here are a few tips on creating a social media presence that will keep customers coming back and set your business in motion.

Focus your social media direction:  It’s easy to get lost in the maelstrom of modern social media, so focus on a few sites to begin.  For newbies, Facebook is the ideal option.  Facebook is far and away the most visited social media site on the web and many find that it is the easiest social media platform to operate. The site is free to join and potentially links you to millions of users. Visit the site, create a profile for your business, and you’re already taking the first steps towards online entrepreneurial glory.

Gather your “Likers:” Once your profile is complete (be as thorough as possible), it is time to make some connections. You’re sure to have dedicated customers, friends and family - ask them to like your page first, which will give you a great head start to a solid social media presence.  Check out Oreo’s Facebook page, which set the record for “Likes” in 24 hours (before Lil’ Wayne stole their thunder).

Be Proactive: The next tip is arguably the most important and often the most ignored; be proactive with your Facebook page.  Facebook activity is crucial for gaining “Likes,” in addition, people often un-“Like” inactive pages.  It is imperative you reach out to the people you do business with and make a personal connection.  Keep in mind, when a customer (or potential customer) decides to “Like” your page, they’re making a conscious decision to do so.  Likers have either frequented your business before and enjoyed themselves, or are prospective clients who are interested to learn more, so give them more! 

Engage your fans: At this stage, it is essential to engage your fans (the people who like your page) with a variety of different media.  Take photos of customers shopping in your store or videos of customers enjoying your food.  With your customers’ permission, post the photos and videos on your site for the world to see.  When others see the sense of community you’re creating at your business, they may be inspired to make sure they don’t miss out any longer.  These posts and videos reinforce the brand which your business is creating.  You’re creating a positive image in the community and word will begin to spread. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers: If you were perusing Facebook looking for a new place to eat lunch, where would you rather eat—a restaurant with 10 “Likes” or 10,000?  Following this guide will put you well on your way to an exponentially larger base of loyal customers.

Stay tuned for future tips about other social media platforms such as Twitter and ShopBuffalo, The Buffalo News’ newest and most comprehensive tool for local business owners.

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