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Photo of Chad Kelly by Dave Marino

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St. Joe’s quarterback Chad Kelly was an outspoken Twitter user.  He’d tweet about high school football, trade remarks with Naaman Roosevelt, hype the Clemson Tigers and comment about his high school life—accumulating close to 3,000 followers in the process.  This extensive use of a public social media tool worried his uncle, Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly, but the nephew had never said anything too damaging from his personal account to warrant its demise. 

Last night, though, Chad Kelly tweeted a cryptic message about the future of the Bills’ organization (seen below in a retweet).  User @Suprdav44, after retweeting Kelly, asks if it might be a new owner that Kelly is hinting at.  Thanks for leaving us with a cliffhanger, Chad!

The tweet was confirmed by the following thread at the BuffaloBills.com message board, where posters have tried to decipher whether the rumor has legs or if it’s immature high school babble.  According to the board, “meeting um on saturday” closed Kelly’s initial message.  Further stirring the pot was Kelly’s next tweet, which read “chad_Kelly_12 QBBalla12 Not giving any thing else away but boy its nice to be a kelly love it.”

Come Thursday morning, Kelly’s tone took a noticeable turn, with a retraction—“chad_Kelly_12:
The bills news has nothing to do with a owner…... ”—and then the deletion of his account. 

So what does all this mean?  Here is some speculation:

1) Chad Kelly is a star high school athlete with a perilous amount of attention drawn to him, and he’s using his popularity to unnecessarily cause a stir.  For all we know, there could be no truth to this rumor at all—maybe just a high school kid, or an imposter, being naive about hinting at news on the internet.

2)  There’s some credence to the rumor.  Ralph Wilson, who turns 93 in 10 days, recently had hip surgery and isn’t in the greatest health condition.  Jim Kelly has been linked to future ownership of the Bills, largely as part of a bigger investor group that could buy the team.  Does Chad’s tweet suggest that there’s been progress made in the future of the Bills’ organization? 

3) Even if Chad Kelly is meeting with these mysterious folks on Saturday, he has a football game to focus on—St. Joe’s hosts Cardinal O’Hara at 2 p.m.  In all likelihood, this is just an unsubstantiated rumor, but it caught our attention nonetheless.

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