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Sept. 11 reflections

Screen capture from a video produced by WNYmuslims.org

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I was in sociology class at Mt. Mercy Academy when the teacher flipped on the classroom television, just in time for our class of terrified girls to watch the second tower fall.

Every American remembers that moment—one filled with fear, confusion and anger—when our nation came under attack. And while the whole country felt sorrow—later, solidarity—one group was suddenly and drastically isolated. Muslim Americans were unfairly targeted and blamed after that tragic morning.

And while any rational person understands that an entire religion cannot be blamed for a small group of crazies’ horrifying decision to destroy innocent lives, individuals who practice Islam are undoubtedly treated differently in Buffalo and beyond. In collaboration with Olive Branch, PARIC and Sun Spin Media, WNYmuslims collected video reflections on Sept. 11 from people of all different communities in Western New York, lending a particularly important voice to area Muslims who share candid stories and emotional reflections on the horror that occurred 10 years ago, and the hardships they’ve since encountered because of their faith.

Watch the entire video below, or watch an abbreviated version here.

September 11, 2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of the attacks that took place in NYC and Washington, DC. This video captures reflections, a decade later from various community members living in Western New York.

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