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Social Distortion: Punk rock for grown ups?

Photo courtesy of Social D's website

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Something about punk rock makes it seem as if the music is reserved for a younger crowd.  Maybe it’s the name, punk rock.  Maybe it’s the type of fashion and style that surrounds the genre.  Or, maybe it’s the theme of fast-paced, anti-establishment lyrics on which so many punk bands rely.  Whatever the reason, younger generations tend to identify more closely than older folks with punk rock music.

Social Distortion, a punk rock band from Southern California, stands as an exception to this trend.  In fact, the four-member band has been rocking since 1978, a 33-year existence that is marked by only one hiatus, a year-long break in the mid-‘80s.  The band’s long history makes for longtime fans, leaving this writer thinking that the crowd at any Social Distortion show might be slightly older than one might expect.  With this older age bracket in mind, the SoCal group will take to the stage for a 7:00 p.m. show tonight at the Town Ballroom (681 Main St).

Social D, as fans of all ages call them, has an extensive resume.  The band has released seven studio albums, the most recent of which was titled “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” and was released in Jan. 2011.

With a timeline that spans four decades, any band should expect to go through some changes, but Social D takes the cake. This quartet has its own Wikipedia page dedicated to the changes in the band’s roster (this page stands separate from the band’s standard, informational Wikipedia page).  The only consistent presence has been lead guitarist and vocalist, Mike Ness.  Including the other three current members, Ness has had 21 band-mates during his time with Social D!

Apparently, the revolving door of talent for Social Distortion has not affected the band’s fan-base, at least not in the Queen City.  The band’s Tuesday show is sold out, leaving some fans ticket-less and disappointed.  But punk fans, fear not! Social D has agreed to stay in Buffalo an extra night—they will follow up their Tuesday show with another 7:00 p.m. concert on Wednesday at the Ballroom.

Tickets for Wednesday’s show are $35 and can be purchased in person at the Town Ballroom Box Office or by visiting Tickets.com.  Not sure you’re ready to hand over 35 big ones?  Here’s a taste of the SoCal group:

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