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Statler Towers boost employment power

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Potential employees of the hospitality industry, your time to shine is now. Buffalo’s newly renovated historic Statler City complex is in need of a few—well, more than 200—servers, hosts, managers, in-house dancers and more.

Yeah, you read that right: IN-HOUSE DANCERS!

To land a gig at the luxury banquet center / club / future hotel, submit your application online or show up to one of two scheduled job fairs. Apply here for nightclub positions, and here for banquet jobs. To attend a job fair, show up in business attire at 2 p.m. Saturday or 6 p.m. Sept. 14 at the Statler, 107 Delaware Ave., Buffalo Business First reports. Bring a pen. Job candidates will be asked to fill out applications and interview on the spot. No phone calls will be accepted.

“Statler City is going to set a new standard for destination hospitality,” Statler City owner Mark Croce told Buffalo Business First. “At one time people came from throughout the Northeast and Canada to experience the service and innovation that was the Statler Hotel. We’re looking for people who are ready to offer incomparable experiences today.”

With the Buffalo Irish Festival as the inaugural event for the newly reopened complex, Statler City is already planning future events, including 2nd Chance Prom, Chili Fest and the Halloween Spectacular in October, and the Ice Ball on New Year’s Eve.

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