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Travel Channel to explore the “Forgotten City”

Photo of the Buffalo Central Terminal by flickr.com creative commons user Slideshow_Bruce

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Look, I’m glad Buffalo is receiving national attention.  At 9 p.m. on June 27, the Travel Channel’s Don Wildman will explore the symbols of Buffalo’s “greatness” during the Industrial Revolution, focusing on the Central Terminal, the grain elevators, the Erie Canal and a few others. 

While I understand the tone of the preview is intended to sound mysterious and archaic, it’s incredibly frustrating.  Seriously, we sound like we’re rediscovering ancient Egypt instead of appreciating a city that, while having its problems, is still a slightly-worn (loved, you could say) gem instead of a dusty relic.  I’m not trying to knock Buffalo’s “glory days,” and even if a few communities—Hertel (not the monster, the street), Elmwood and parts of the West Side—are amid a renaissance, there’s a long path ahead. 

S.J. and I were both baffled by the mention of “a mysterious Castle built by the pioneers of modern health and wellness.”  I did not know we housed any castles of mystery!  Could the Travel Channel be referring to this?  We’re not really sure.

It’s worth taking a glimpse at how the Travel Channel (TWC digital channel 262) paints Buffalo in 11 days.  Are we the Forgotten City, one worth “remembering” but not “discovering,” that’s discussed in the preview?  Or will Wildman at least recognize that hope still endures in renovating these symbols of our past?

(If you’re curious about what’s going on with the grain elevators—and some ideas about renovation, check out this Artvoice/WNY Media article by Andrew Kulyk, a passionate, friendly fellow.)

To close on a humorous, fairly cool note, the weather is supposed to be exceptional—mild and comfortable—this Father’s Day Weekend, and The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel believes Buffalo is an optimal destination.  Even better?  Visit Buffalo Niagara supplied the b-roll for Seidel’s video.  VBN is omnipresent these days!

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