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BUFunscripted: The Larkin Building continued.


BUFunscripted: Larkin District tour

by S.J. Velasquez  • 

It was a weekend filled with architectural tours for the Buffalo Unscripted team and local shutterbugs (myself included). After getting a unique view of Central Terminal on Saturday, we then headed south to the historic Larkin District, a once-bustling commercial part of town named for the Larkin Soap Company, housed in a massive warehouse.

Our motley crew of photographers began at 701 Seneca St. We were whisked to the eighth floor via a freight elevator. Once the gates of the elevator were opened, we were welcomed into a newly renovated open space featuring fresh paint, colorful carpets and sparkling wood floors. This was a stark contrast to the untouched areas of the complex, some literally crumbling to pieces and covered in graffiti. But while the destruction caused by punks and natural deterioration was sad to see, a Larkin District revival is already underway thanks to efforts by the Larkin Development Group.

Keep checking back to Buffalo.com for more photos from the BUFunscripted shutterbug series, including a rare look into the Richardson Complex -- you know, that creepy looking castle near Buff State, the supposedly haunted former insane asylum.

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    She gets really angry when I don’t use periods to separate her two letter name.  I’d advise you to follow her rules!—BT

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