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I Heart Central Terminal

by S.J. Velasquez  • 

A team of three from the National Trust for Historic Preservation rolled into Buffalo late Thursday night and immediately began prepping for a whirlwind 10-day tour of Buffalo. The crew, comprising three enthusiastic preservation buffs -- Julia Rocchi, Leigh Ivey and Jason Lloyd Clement -- immediately began collecting video interviews (and a hell of a lot of b-roll) to pull together a documentary about Buffalo and Buffalonians. The documentary, "Buffalo Unscripted," will debut in October.

The first large-scale event sponsored by the BUFunscripted team was "I heart Central Terminal," a laid-back event at Buffalo's historic Central Terminal. Attendees toured some of the typically-off-limits parts of the complex, nommed on tacos from Lloyd's Taco Truck, danced to the tunes of local polka kings Those Idiots and took to the hot seat (well, they technically stood) for short video interviews.

Approximately 250 people showed up for the Central Terminal event, which the BUFunscripted team deemed a big-fat #win. They'd been hoping for 150 or so attendees.

I'll be following the BUFunscripted team around Buffalo in the days ahead, so keep checking back for more photos, blogs and videos. I may or may not be going behind the scenes as some of Buffalo's most enigmatic buildings, so here's your chance to sneak a peek. Also, I'll be tweeting from the @BuffaloDotCom account, so follow our account and the #BUFunscripted hashtag.

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