5 best April Fools’ jokes in Buffalo: Morning update

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5 best April Fools’ jokes in Buffalo: Evening update

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Hey, Buffalo, you’re pretty gullible. If we told you the HSBC Tower was being converted into a 38-floor aquarium, most of you would not only nod your heads like you’d already heard the news, but also begin panting with excitement.

The morning version of Buffalo’s best April Fools’ jokes was a dandy—Nick Barnett amusingly announced he’d returned to the Bills; local DJ “Shy Guy” Shawn claimed that Jimmy Fallon made a last-minute decision to roll to Buffalo for Dyngus Day; Perry’s Ice Cream, KegWorks and Flying Bison Brewing Company dabbled in chicken wing flavors; and Buffalo Eats reviewed chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s. These were all fairly epic.

Fortunately, April Fools’ Day doesn’t conclude at noon, and there were an entire 12 more hours in which Buffalonians could spew out false information with loads of shock value and no guilt. Let’s get to the next five:

1) The Good Neighborhood releases Mustache Hall of Fame:

The Good Neighborhood’s Seamus Gallivan dropped grand plans for grain elevator Marine-A, as a Max Collins-created mural of legendary mustachioed locals like Rick James, Lindy Ruff, Grover Cleveland and Mark Twain would cover the exterior of the Buffalo Mustache Hall of Fame and Museum.

Joining Gallivan and Collins in a teaser photo were two other popular Buffalonians with mustaches: Flying Bison Brewing Company founder Tim Herzog and grain elevator property owner Rick Smith (see the image, courtesy of the Good Neighborhood, on the right).

The editor of TGN hinted that “Mount Stachemore” would also have a Flying Bison beer named after it, and that the museum would open to the public during the City of Night event on Aug. 17.

2) The Albrights reveal the breakup of their band coming in October:

Beloved Buffalo band The Albrights broke the news on their Facebook page yesterday, confirming rumors that the band would no longer create music after its Halloween show in 2013.

Aware that the announcement was an April Fools’ hoax, fellow local musician Andrew J. Reimers chimed in with a terrific deadpan. I’ll be honest—for some reason, I fell hard for this one and almost started writing a blog post on it until I remembered yesterday’s date.

3) Buster Bison suspends “Celery” from the Buffalo Bisons’ “chicken wing race” for the home opener:

A mock dispute between Buster T. Bison and Celery, the lone participant in the race that has never won, ended with an apology from Celery after the green stalk guaranteed a race victory in the season opener.

Far from thrilled, Buster Bison—who has truthfully guaranteed a Bisons’ win on opening day—suspended Celery from participating because she was “an unnecessary distraction from the main goal, a Bisons’ win.”

Here’s the Twitter rundown from the Buffalo Bisons’ account (@BuffaloBisons), whose 11,500 followers were exposed to the ruse:

Fortunately for all parties, Celery will be present and active in the race during Thursday’s opening-day clash. Buffalo News Bisons reporter Amy Moritz appeared to miss the April Fools’ joke, however, as she reported on the banter between Buster and Celery without suggesting that it could be a joke.

4) Buffalo Spree declares that it’s moving to Raleigh-Durham, NC:

The local magazine posted that, while it would continue to cover arts, food and fashion in Buffalo, it would be following the lead of several expats in booking down to the southeast for the warmer climate. Here’s editor-in-chief Elizabeth Licata’s quote:

“We will continue to deliver the outstanding coverage of Western New York that our readers have come to expect. We’ll just be doing it from our Raleigh office.”

Also, with tongue-in-cheek, food editor Christa Glennie Seychew noted the stunning connections between the restaurant scenes of Raleigh and Buffalo:

“In fact, the Raleigh-Durham area has many of the same restaurants as Buffalo––Applebee’s, Fridays, and Chipotle, just to name a few. I even heard they’re getting a Trader Joe’s, just like we are!” Asked if the move would hamper the magazine’s commitment to celebrating local businesses, Seychew noted that the “local” trend has become “tired and played out,” and “people are ready for some consistency” in their culinary choices.

The Facebook post did, in fact, fool a few people, which is pretty amusing to us.

5) Chuck Schumer echoes “Shy Guy” Shawn’s claim that Jimmy Fallon would be in Buffalo for Dyngus Day instead of Anderson Cooper, who couldn’t attend due to a scheduling conflict.

We’re not sure if Schumer was in on the ruse or if he’s quite gullible—we’re leaning toward the latter—but he later tweeted a correction around two hours later.

Amusingly, the official Dyngus Day Buffalo Twitter account (only 345 followers, though) re-tweeted Schumer’s initial message, even furthering the hype that surrounding Fallon’s alleged Queen City visit.

In the end, Fallon did not attend the festivities—although some fellow named “Anderson Cooperski” did.

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