Dyngus Day celebrations canceled in Buffalo

5 best April Fools’ jokes in Buffalo: Evening update


5 best April Fools’ jokes in Buffalo: Morning update

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April Fools’ Day is a much-anticipated occasion for pranksters, and it’s a day scorned by the gullible.

Since we’re the most clever city in America, it’s no surprise that we’ve tracked down five quality April Fools’ jokes before noon—and for some reason, all but two revolve around food and drink.

1) Nick Barnett tweets that he’s re-signed with the Buffalo Bills:

Barnett was released by the Bills due to a failed physical on Feb. 11, a move that saved Buffalo over $3 million in cap room. The former Packer star linebacker, who turns 32 in May, has yet to sign with another NFL team in the 50 days since he became a free agent. Barnett is a repeat “offender” as well—he made our list in 2012 by fibbing that he’d been traded by Bills GM Buddy Nix. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor, Nick.

2) Shy Guy Shawn claims Jimmy Fallon is headed to Buffalo for Dyngus Day:

KISS FM 98.5 DJ “Shy Guy” Shawn makes our April Fools’ list for the second straight year, too, and he’s equaled his last attempt—a rumor that Sonic was headed into a Northtowns plaza—in terms of creativity and execution. Under the guise of “HuFington Post Local”—note the one “F” in Hufington—the local disc jockey wrote up a believable press release announcing that Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s “Late Night,” had made a last-minute decision to bolt to Buffalo for Dyngus Day. People believed it!

The “Silver Fox,” Anderson Cooper, originally was rumored as a celebrity guest for Buffalo’s wild Polish festivities—and he received a formal invitation from the local Dyngus Day founders—but the CNN host confirmed that he won’t be in attendance due to a scheduling conflict. Nice try on finding a replacement, Shy Guy, but we’re on to you.

3) KegWorks and Flying Bison collaborate on a delicious Buffalo Wing Lager.

Our KegWorks insider passed along that the local bar accessories company actually did sample a Coors Light with a chicken wing at the bottom—and that the taste left a lot to be desired. Still, it’s awesome how Flying Bison Brewing Company founder Tim Herzog played along with the gag. If you fell for this, you’re pretty gullible, but the whole KegWorks’ 15th anniversary celebration led to decent deception. Good collaboration, folks.

4) Perry’s Ice Cream releases a limited-edition “chicken wing” ice cream.

We’ve heard whispers that Perry’s has, in fact, created and taste-tested a “chicken wing” flavored ice cream in the past, but today’s post is simply a moderately-clever April Fools’ ruse. While foodies worldwide have latched onto pairing sweet ingredients with spicy-salty flavors for a taste-bud-perplexing duo—think of the spicy hot chocolate we’ve seen in the last few years—Perry’s creation is a little over the top.

The image on Perry’s Facebook page, however, makes the limited-edition flavor appear legitimate—and it’s been shared 792 times last we checked, so we’d consider that as “mission accomplished.”

5) Buffalo Eats review T.G.I. Friday’s:

Local food critics Donnie and Alli from Buffalo Eats are intensely pro local, creating blog posts and podcasts regularly extolling the virtues of local restaurants and highlighting the efforts of locally-owned restaurants. Not today, however, as Donnie Burtless posted a mock review of the couple’s experience at massive chain restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s, replete with sarcastic remarks and amusing fibs. Here’s an example:

Let’s not forget about T.G.I. Friday’s, who have redefined what American comfort food can be and in 1974 brought America the Potato Skin. The restaurant has been endorsed by Chef Guy Fieri and The Simpsons;  what else do you need?

We also told you that all Dyngus Day festivities were canceled through our Buffalo.com Twitter account (@buffalodotcom), but we know that we’re too deceiving for our own good, and thus weren’t eligible to win our “Top 5 Aprils Fools jokes” post.

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