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In big cities like Chicago and New York, biking can be the main mode of transportation for commuters. While we might not be on par, the Buffalo cycling community is a strong one and are looking for safer and easier ways to get around without the need for owning a car

According to GO Bike Buffalo,

We envision a city where people of all ages can safely bike to work. We aspire to have parents in the City of Buffalo feel comfortable about allowing their children to bike to school and ensure our fellow citizens have realistic alternatives to automobile transportation.

Numerous recent reports indicate that frequently riding a bicycle can benefit your body, state of mind, and community by increasing strength and cardiovascular fitness, relieving stress, arriving at your destination feeling relaxed, energized and happy, creating no polluting exhaust and being able to easily wave and say “hi” to people in your community while riding by.

GO Bike Buffalo states that “people will not choose to ride their bicycles if they don’t feel safe doing so.”

That is why they have put out an online petition to raise awareness and get assigned bike lanes throughout the city. These safer and well-lit lanes would welcome more riders in a good environment for alternate transportation.

You can sign the petition and learn more about GO Bike Buffalo by checking out their website here.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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