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All the world’s a tube

If the world had an underground transit system.

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It may look like the London Underground, also known as “the tube,” but if you look closely at the map above (see enlarged image here), you’ll recognize a few subway stops hitting close to home—actually, Buffalo is positioned in the northwest corner.

I first found this image at BostInnovation.com, but there really wasn’t any description of how the map came to be. After a little Google Image searching, I retrieved some insight on how the map was created. It originally appeared in “Railway Maps of the World,” a book by Mark Ovenden.

Ovenden wrote as a guest writer on the Going Underground Blog:

“The backstory to the book was that even though I thought I had a reasonable knowledge about rail history, doing the research for this book brought it home to me about how absolutely crucial railway building was to the opening up of the great landmasses and the siting of human settlement: the Trans-Siberian and the thousands of branches across the US & Canada are a kind of ‘MetroLand’ on a continental scale.”

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